Daeyang Luke Hospital is affiliated to CHAM (Christian Hospital Association of Malawi) and is run by Korea Church Mission.It is government-recognized hospital with board of trustees who are very willing to support the hospital

Daeyang Luke Hospital is a general hospital with full range of medical services treating diseases from malaria to cancer and HIV/AIDS. Anyone who needs help and treatment is welcomed to our hospitals as we accept outpatients as well as inpatients in all departments. The hospital started with 80 beds and has grown to the capacity of 175 beds and  we hope that it shall continue to grow from strength to do training of clinical officers, doctors and support staff. At present we have nursing college of about 80 students enrolled (1st and 3rd year) and we are about to open an IT College by October 2014. 

As a Christian mission hospital, we also have hospital chapel for Sunday services where staff, patients and guardians are welcome to  pray privately or meet our chaplain in attendance.


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